Solutions for Government

Aligned with the Australian government for national security solutions

Transforming Government Communications with Secure and Innovative IT Solutions

As government organisations navigate the digital age, their communication networks must evolve, requiring advanced and secure solutions. Isoton partners with governments to deliver tailored, innovative telecommunication products and services, enhancing public service operations and national security. Our offerings are designed to cater specifically to government entities, incorporating secure data transmission, versatile communication platforms, and scalable network infrastructure, all while maintaining compatibility with the relevant standards.

Secure Communications

Our solutions incorporate end-to-end encryption, secure storage, and robust data transfer mechanisms, safeguarding sensitive government information.

Traffic Monitoring

Monitor and block specific traffic for end users, fleets, or geo-locations. Isoton's traffic monitor can detect and control hundreds of different protocols.

All Australian IP

The Isoton platform is designed, developed, operated, and owned by Isoton Australia.

Lawful Interception

Real-time interception of communications and live updates and tracking, including cell triangulation.


Our solutions are designed to ensure strong compliance with industry-leading standards.

Identity and Access Management

Advanced access controls, including biometric security, two-factor authentication, and single sign-on, protect the integrity of government networks by ensuring that only authorised personnel can access them.

Future-Ready Infrastructure

Isoton's solutions are designed to be compatible with both current and emerging telecommunication technologies, empowering government organisations to stay ahead in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Upgrade your government communication systems with Isoton's state-of-the-art solutions